You are a new worker working with the compressing machine? You have nearly no experience in operating an air compressor of new model? Or you are a worker who is familiar with this machine? Whoever you are, you need to absorb more knowledge of the machine on the grounds that nowadays, factories usually equip new models and this requires you to have a good command of using both old and new machines. If you have bought a best air compressor you ought to comprehend all the using instructions so as to make it work the most effectively. In this article, we will provide you with full of instructions for using any air compressor.

  1. All the conditions and requirements

You all know that the air compressor is not easy to work. There must have compatible conditions to make it start to work. Therefore, any person who has this machine has to prepare all the things bellows.

  • The operators and the repairers have to be well – informed of the machine, especially learning all the specifications and keeping in their minds all the safety notes.
  • All the protective devices and preventive facilities ought to be equipped fully and make sure that all of them are always ready to work.
  • The operators must follow all the steps in a proper way.
  • The repairers have to know and understand the process of machine maintenance.
  • The air compressor must be inspected carefully in order to detect the errors if any.

Other requirements:

The place

The place for the machine has to be dry, airy and has low humidity, very little dust (you know that we cannot avoid dust as it always exists in the air). You had better choose an airy place as far as possible. The suitable distance between the air compressor and the electric power outlet is at least 5 – 7 meter. In addition to this, the air compressor should be kept away from igniting devices and things.

The ability to understand parameters

The operators must have a good knowledge about reading all the parameters provided by the ampere – meter in order to check the voltage and frequency. This will help them insure the transmission to be stable.

Always remember to have the air released when you stop the machine to fix it.

  1. During and after the operation

During the operation

  • When you operate the machine, close the fuse and press the power button so that the air compressor can work immediately. Notice all the abnormal performances of the machine or any part.
  • If you are the operator, it is necessary for you to examine the safe valves regularly. If it is leaked, you have to have instant solution to solve it.
  • Do not set up the mode that is not compatible with the allowed one.

After the operation

  • After you finish your work and the air compressor finishes its performance, the first thing you have to do is to disconnect the breaker and clean the machine.
  • Write down all the operating parameters and the technical process in a operation notebook.


  1. What to do to keep safety

In terms of keeping safety for the operation process, you are not allowed to have any repair if not necessary, especially repair on the structured details. When the pressure in the air compressed bottle is increased unexpectedly, there should have some immediate solutions. When the safety devices do not work effectively, it is necessary to contact an expert to repair or maintenance the machine. More importantly, if you recognize any scratch or break or leak on the machine, stop the machine at once.

To sum up, you should always feel that you lack of knowledge about the machine you operate every day so that you are aware of the importance of learning more about it. We are sure that if you are willing to learn anytime and anywhere, you will have the ability to remove all the trouble during working. In this article, all basic instructions are provided. We hope that you will apply them well. If you have any difficulty in the stage of applying our instructions, please feel free to ask us about it.


How To Purchase The Braburg Food Steamer Effectively

As can be seen, steaming is a method of cooking food using steam. The implementation method is simple by putting a pot of water on the stove; the water is boiling, then place food containers onto the pot of water, then cover and food, which will be cooked by the heat of steam. One thing worth mentioning is that the dish of boiled, steamed increasingly takes precedence over the daily menu of each family as “friendly” health. Compared to boiled dishes, steamed dishes are still more preferred by ensuring the color, the taste of the dish while retaining nutrients, vitamins, minerals and more. Being considered as the best food steamer, the BRABURG brand is a perfect choice for the whole family.

The BRABURG is one of most popular the brands of electric steamer today. The electric steamer with the most popular on the market today is the multi-tiered format steamer because at the same time it can be processed by different foods. Especially the kind of versatile electric steamer with three compartments, just plug in, install the program, the pot will automatically cook food and automatically disconnect without spending the time or cooking.

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All Things You Should Know About Pressure Cooker

Having a pressure cooker is very convenient for your cooking. In terms of cooking at home, you need to diversify the food with a lot of cooking styles, which require you to buy various types of stoves. This matter can make you irritated all the time. Don’t worry. I will introduce to you the best electric pressure cooker so that you can know more about pressure cooker and pressure stoves.

You should get to know about its features, its parts and its operation. In this article, I will share with you information about this.

Parts Of A Pressure Cooker

To operate a pressure cooker, you had better get to know about its parts. Here are the main paints you should pay attention to.

Pressure Limit Valve

The pressure limit valve is the valve that helps release the steam when the pressure cooker is cooking. The steam will be released through this valve and before plugging the electric cable, you have to adjust the position and direction of the valve.

Cooking Pot

The cooking pot helps contain the food and liquid (mainly water). You will put the food into the cooking pot and make sure that the outer layer of the cooking pot is dry. The size of cooking pot depends on the size of the pressure cooker.


There are two handles for you to carry out the pressure cooker. These handles are made of plastic and they are all convenient for you. If you want to move the pressure cooker from this corner to the dining table, you will have to hold the handles and carry it out.

Heating Plate

Inside the pressure cooker, there is a heating plate. This plate helps to transmit the heat to the cooking pot. It is fixed in the pressure cooker. You should ensure that the heating plate is dry. If it is wet during you cook, there is likelihood that electric shock will happen.

In addition to these parts, you need to take notice of the push rod, red float valve, condensation collector and the rubber grommet.

What You Should Know Before Cooking

Before cooking with this pressure cooker, you need to pay attention to all the parts and the electric cable. In this part, I will tell you what you need to note.

  • Remember to clean the pot, the condensation collector and the valve and dry them
  • Remove all the steam remaining on the lid and remove food debris on the heating plate
  • Assemble the lid if necessary in order to get all the dirt out of them
  • Place all the parts in the right position
  • Remember to pour water into the pot under the maximum level
  • The food should be sliced and chopped to reduce more space in the cooking pot
  • Adjust the valve position and check all the parts before plugging the cable

These are some notes you have to keep in mind if you want to keep safety when cooking with the pressure cooker and if you want to have perfect dishes.

Have A Good Maintenance

When you use the pressure cooker, cleaning and maintaining it should be also focused on. After cooking, you need to unplug the cable and leave the cooker for 30 minutes. When the cooker is cool, you had better clean it and dry it.

You should have it maintained and repaired if any part is wrong and out of order. This will help you keep safety when using the cooker.

Bottom Line

This article is shared from my knowledge and experience. I’m Lisa. I cook every day at home and now, I have a handbook of recipes for various dishes. I know that the recipes and food marinate are extremely important in cooking. However, you can perfect your dishes with a good stove and pot. There are a lot of stoves and pots you can buy but it will consume a lot of money and you will have to change from this pot to that pot in cooking. With a pressure cooker, you can cook all the food with liquid, including cooking rice, boiling, stewing and steaming. I think that you will have more cooking tips when you use a pressure cooker.


The Most Special Reasons To Use The Nonstick Cookware

Good non-stick surface, high heat resistant, dirt repellent surface are considered as the superior properties which makes nonstick cookware Ceramic Fusion technology flourishes in the year of 2016. As long as, you intend to purchase a set of this device, particularly the Best Nonstick Cookware, you are advised to look around this article.


Every day, use of non-stick cookware with the poor quality is silently attacking the family kitchen creating the risk of poisoning, arising incurable diseases. It is estimated that there are about 90% consumers buying pans with non-stick membranes only based on their need without caring about the quality as well as the safe problem during the process of using. Never before do consumers lack scientific information about the nonstick cookware products, as well as the instruction about the cookware‘s quality and safety as today.

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A good headphone for your ear

We can not deny the functionality, technology, quality headset of the stalwarts, but must repeat once again that music is the element of perception. Not every financial capable you should buy expensive headphones lossless music, just listen and choose. Sometimes, these products affordable, inexpensive or even floating row could bring you many surprises. In case you want to choose reputable brands also do not necessarily choose the highest levels, perhaps the low line that features, not by quality but your ears will probably disliked the higher currents. Because music is subjective, do not choose astro a50 ps4 too expensive but choose the most appropriate.

Along with the development of technology, digital music is growing and becoming indispensable in human life. Choosing headphones lossless fit, as you were able to bring along and enjoy music anywhere.

So choosing a headset, you can choose one for yourself

The ability to eliminate background noise and keep sound enters the ear you without coming away is one of the most important criteria for evaluating a quality lossless music headphones good, should have control buttons and equalizer measure. However, these specifications can not be the voice of all, the most important factor lies in the user comments. Music is the art of the senses, not the technique. So a headphone is just a tool for you to listen to music.

Meanwhile hooded headset looks bulkier but for higher quality bass and wider sound range, filter almost absolute. Headphones opening seems to have many disadvantages in this race than when considering the quality of sound or sound insulation are inferior to the other two. Therefore, the first choice for lossless music headset is kind hooded, followed earphones.

The sound of this headset is introduced as making you instantly mesmerized. Bluetooth technology actively soundproofed Hybrid brings sound experience combined with high-resolution detail rich, lightweight timbre, with design features and materials exclusive such as stainless steel and leather.

Good sound insulation also helps Momentum Wireless delivers high quality sound even when used in a public place with a lot of noise. Specifically, a pair of these can operate continuously for about 22 hours.


Firstly, you need to identify appropriate headset line with demand, financial and health characteristics of their ears. Headphones are diverse in form and style, but generally are divided into three main lines: Earbud (medium fit in the ear), Headphone full-size and DJ Style headphones.

Headphone full-size gives you wonderful audio experience with high noise resistance. However, prices are often quite high, and large size makes it difficult headphones preserved because often no pockets enclosed building.


To choose to be a good headset, you need to pay attention to its basic features, such as sound insulation, impedance, frequency…

The ability of soundproof headphones or otherwise keep the music going into your ear and avoid external noise. The Pump up the volume to block out noisy big impact on hearing. Noise features will help you save battery stable player volume. Series earbud headphones have good sound insulation because they can shut your ears. Particularly in listening line for professional DJ can create an isolated space around the ear for effective sound insulation.

Attention to the frequency range of the headset. A wide frequency range means you can hear more from music. Scope is recommended as about 10Hz – 25.000Hz. However, the extent that most people hear is approximately 20Hz – 20,000 – any sound in that range can also hear easily.

You should learn the impedance of the headphones as it relates to operating capacity. Headphones with resistance, but larger power is needed more power to shake diaphragm, which may restrict the flow much, help diaphragm movement more accurately. Restrictions are necessary source capacity.

Comments by ears

The best way to know the appropriate headset for you is to listen. It is possible to use the headset of an acquaintance or trial at reputable stores (stores headphones majority allows this feature). And remember to clean the ear before using to try all kinds of headphones.

Using your ears to feel. Because the purpose of buying headphones is also satisfying your ears. If you feel the sound from a headset $ 50 is no different with an earpiece cost tens of millions, then why should we spend money buying other expensive headphones. Sound quality does not always depend on high prices. The only thing to consider is the quality of the headphones.



Mowing can be easy and fun; however it is alarming to know that hundreds or even thousands of people get injured everywhere during the process. Not everyone realizes the importance of taking proper caution for lawn mowing safety. Take note of the following tips to make sure that mowing is an injury-free process for yourself and other people.

  1. Have the appropriate mowing equipment
  • A lawn mower is intended for frequent and long-term usage; therefore you should invest in a good one and maintain it well. Browsing online or reading magazines for detailed information of the suitable lawn mowers for you. Read push lawn mower reviews carefully to choose the one with best performance feedbacks and if possible, advanced safety features too. Paying for these safety features may be costly at first but it will pay off in the long run.
  • You need to make sure your mower is in good working condition before you put it to use. The blade must be sharp; all nuts and bolts are in place. If you are not sure you can sharpen the blade well by yourself, let some professionals do it.


  1. Know your equipment and use it properly
  • Never use your electric equipment in general and your lawn mower in particular in wet or damp condition; or else you may get electrocuted. Smoking or using flame of any type around a gasoline-powered mower is very dangerous too.
  • If you are the first-time user, make sure you read the instruction carefully and understand how safety features work.
  • Be very careful when filling the mower’s tank. A huge mistake would be doing so when the mower is still on or still hot. Turn of the mower and let it cool down for about 10 minutes first. If there are any spills, remember to wipe them up right away.
  • Keep tools, chemicals or fertilizers in safe and enclosed area when you do not use them. That way, you can avoid many potential injuries such as stepping on or falling on these tools. By storing these tools away, you can keep children from using them.
  • It is crucial that you turn off the mower when you need to take care of other business. Leaving the mower unattended and still running can cause severe consequences.
  • Dress properly for the workout and wear necessary protection. One caution is never going barefoot when mowing; it is even worse them wearing sandals of sneakers. Instead, a pair of slipping-resistant and sturdy shoes is advised. Protect your hearing from high-decibel noises with earplugs or earmuff. Taking care of your hand with gloves and wear close-fitting clothes. Be as neat as you can.
  1. Make sure the lawn area is safe for mowing

It seems to be a very simple tip but in fact, it helps you prevent injuries from flying objects or damages to the mowing equipment. Before you start mowing, removing debris or objects such as stones, toys, empty bottle, glass pieces, metal sticks…Put away any tools that are not in use too. It is also noteworthy that the grass should be dry rather than damp or wet – you don’t want to slip out while mowing, right?

  1. Keep children and pets at bay during the mowing process.

It is sad to know that children are frequent victim of lawn-related injuries. Extra caution should be take notes to prevent that from happening.

  • Don’t let children operate a lawn mower unless they display appropriate ability and responsibility to do so. Normally, children under 16 should not ride a mower.
  • Even if you let your kid operate your lawn mower, keep a close watch for any potential problems.
  • In general, keep children and pets indoors as they are easily attracted to moving objects. If they enter the mowing area, turn off the mower first to ensure their safety. You should not even lead them sit on your lap while mowing.
  1. Mow with caution in steep area or slopes

Special attention must be paid when mowing hills or slopes. Two terrible scenarios can happen: (1) the operator loses his/her footing, then slip and fall into the mower or worst, its blade; (2) the mower itself can flip over and run over the operator, crushing him/her under. Serious deaths have been caused because of these. Be very careful and mow across the slopes to avoid flipping. Using a walk-behind mower is also suggested.

As you can see from above, various problems can occur during the mowing process if we don’t pay proper attention, especially with children. As it is often advised, “prevention is better than cure”; so be proactive about safety issues and you can keep yourself and people around you from unfortunate injuries.


Some Significant Feature You Should Know To Choose The Best Shoes

Women’s athletic shoes are very popular among young people today, not just sports shoes protect feet products but also a fashion designer high aesthetic. So let us we you learn more about this product.

Depend on features of each purpose and then choose the best shoes for you to suitable for each job. Nurse is so. This job needs to move all day. The best you should use shoes. With nurse also need a good shoes to move easily, note to choose the best shoes for nurses help nurses can move in hospital without having hurts.

Benefits Of Using Shoes For Female

Women’s athletic shoes designed dynamic, comfortable, can be used for many different purposes, such as outings, exercise, walk around … is not only convenient, but also beautiful and fashionable.

Travel and movement becomes easier and lighter when using female sports shoes. In addition, this product line has many diversified brands in materials, design, design… you can freely choose according to their personal preferences. If you choose a pair of nice shoes, suit yourself, you will feel much more confident when communicating with people.

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The Best Benefits Of Using Pack And Play

Any parent also wants to protect their child most securely especially with the little kids. Normally, crib or playpen is the popular choice of parent to protect their kids but each item will have own pros and cons therefore many parents is usually torn between them in this situation, a pack and play can be a great solution to help parent make decision. A pack and play can be considered as a combination between crib and playpen to provide for kids a safe place for sleeping and playing. With the Best Pack and Play, parents can rest assured that their kid will be safe when sleeping and playing on there and giving parents few minutes to complete their job. Below are the best benefits of using pack and play for both parents and kid.

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6 Best Diaper Rash Cream For Trusted By The Mothers

As can be seen, diaper rash is a common phenomenon in infants and children caused by baby’s skin irritations. To prevent this situation, using the best diaper rash cream  for the baby rash is necessary to remedy the situation and remove the baby skin irritations. Here are 8 products rash cream, which are believed and trusted by many mothers nowadays.

Diaper Rash A + D

Diaper Rash A + D products are imported from the USA, manufactured in Canada. This product is manufactured with a special formula, which includes vitamins A, D and lanolin and gentle enough to use every day, to help balance your baby’s sensitive skin. The main component of cream is lanolin cream (15.5%) for the treatment of skin rash, which is very effective with prolonged treatment time in just 7 days. Besides, the 2nd main ingredient is Petrolatum (53.4%), which is generated on a screen layer to protect the sensitive skin of the baby and help the baby not being affected by the bacteria making little rash.

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How To Use The Postpartum Belly Wrap Effectively

For the women, after the period of pregnancy, it is very important for them to get the slim body. However, not many people know exactly how to seek the best tool for solving with this problem. In this section today, we would like to share with all of you guys the top tricks for choosing the best postpartum girdle, a special accessory for helping the women keeping an ideal body.

How To Use The Device With High Efficiency

Depending on various subjects which way different genes abdominal belts. For women with normal belly, every day, they can use genes from the belly harness from 4 to 6 and use this device consistently from 4 to 6 months. However, for women after childbirth, especially caesarean section, using gene abdominal belts must comply the following times:

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Review The Most Considerable Benefits Of The Glass Cookware

Nowadays, cooking at home is becoming more and more popular due to the fact that it helps the cook ensure the safety level in each meal. However, choosing the best cookware for glass top stove for making the delicious meals is not easy at all. In this section, we will mention the whole tricks in order to help the cook especially the housewife top of the glass cookware as well as its benefits for the process of cooking

The Benefits Of The Glass Cookaware

Glass Cookware Ensures The Safety

Have high thermal capacity; thermal storage, as well as the high safety level for human health is the advantages of glass pot which makes homemakers increasingly select this type of product. More and more people choose glass pot because of the following outstanding advantages: simple design, elegant color, as well as the elegant style. In addition, it is said that the glass cookware with the high temperature keeping capacity help users to save gas. The smooth surface of the pot is easy to clean, so there is no need for the users to take a lot of energy for cleaning the pot.

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The Using And Preserving The Best Shark Vacuum

There are many factors that influence the decision to choose a vacuum cleaner to buy. Today on the market there are countless models vacuum cleaners, vacuum cleaner sampling is appropriate to the needs, habits and pocketbook will be the need to consider carefully.

Here are some helpful tips for choosing the best shark vacuum for your needs.


Should adhere vacuuming process to ensure safety and maximum machine efficiency. First, bring the machine to where the need vacuuming a living room, bedroom … Remove the wires, check whether the plug is not leaking, check the hoses have not been twisted, select the appropriate nozzle attached to the nozzle deficit. Relocating objects out of the area need vacuuming. Plug the power cord into the socket, to avoid being tangled wires, switch on the machine.

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Buying A Foam Pillow To Have Sound Sleep Every Day

You or members in your family always know one thing that sleep really important in life, after days of hard work, you and your loved ones need a break to have a quiet night’s sleep with can recover the lost energy to serve the needs of many types of pillow sleep with eye-catching sleek currently selling a lot at any retail store or in supermarkets across the country you can catch even the pillow this product both in size until age used but a new product is launched pillow in recent times that appeal as well as its consumption is not small a special product.

A good pillow and you will have sound sleep after hard day. There are many kind of pillow and then you can choose the best quality. One of the most material that is popular in the market now is foam pillow. The best memory foam pillow will be a good selection for you.

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